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Firefighter Academy is a highly interactive and engaging virtual firefighter 1 & 2 classroom that is accessible by students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Designed for convenience, this online course meets YOUR needs!

When it comes time for hands-on training, you will be prepared to turn what you have learned from the virtual academy into reality on the training ground. Whether you train at your site, a site of your choice, or at the TEEX Brayton Fire Training Field, you will be set up for success!

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For all questions, contact:

  TEEX Recruit Fire Training Academy  
Cindy Huse, Account Representative  
  Jason B. Loyd, Online Training Manager  
P: 918-831-9142
  P: 979-862-6490  
F: 918-832-9319
  F: 979-862-6491  
E: Cindyh@pennwell.com      E: Jason.Loyd@teex.tamu.edu  

TEEX Brayton Fire Training Field

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